Light Pakistan - #LightPak

This will be the premier event in country for lighting industry that’s offers a B2B platform for anyone involved in any aspect concerning light in construction and project development from architectural and urban lighting to outdoor and indoor, retail, theatrical and decorative lighting etc.

The lighting in our buildings and cities is set to form the backbone of a digital network. This revolution is transforming light fittings into smart devices which can monitor and control our environment. This will confront the traditional lighting industry with a big challenge to re-invent itself, but at the same time allowing for a tremendous growth of new market opportunities and new business models.

Why Pakistan?

  • Globally, the LED lighting market is projected to grow 45% per year throughout to 2020, and LED lights produced is expected to reach $63.1 billion from the existing $13.6 billion.
  • The lighting industry in Pakistan has changed dramatically in the last few years, moving away from supplying product as a simple disposable commodity, to providing high-value, energy-saving solutions. LED light market in Pakistan is soaring.
  • In the financial year of 2014-2015, more than US$ 100 million worth of LED lights were imported, and more than 100 million lights will need to be replaced in the country. Replacing incandescent streetlights in Pakistan with LED streetlights would save at least 1,000 MW, estimated the report.
  • In federal budget 2016/17 the government reduced the customs duty on import of parts of LED lights from 20% to 5%percent.
  • The lighting market in Pakistan offers tremendous potential. Collectively, Pakistani households are already spending an exorbitant amount on alternatives lighting products. The solar space is ripe with opportunity and poised for a breakthrough.